10 ways mobile payments can change customer interactions

We carry our smartphones wherever we go. We wake up, learn, hang out and go to sleep with them. Let’s face it, we eat, pray and love with our smartphones today.

Any invention was primarily aimed at making people’s lives easier and more comfortable. Smartphones ain’t an exception. We are contributors of goods and services on a daily basis, so having an option to make transactions anywhere, anytime and as quickly as possible, made mobile payments popularity grow drastically.  Speed, flexibility and simplicity are just a few of the benefits they offer. What about safety? Let’s have a glimpse at how mobile payments influence us as customers and how they can transform e-commerce.

1.Speed and Convenience

We are witnessing the appearance of one-click shopping. We don’t even have  to visit online-store directly, goods and services are offered in pop-up ads, some of which allow instant purchase.

2.No more lines

What can be more frustrating and annoying than long lines? Today we can use mobile app directly in a store or a restaurant avoiding standing in lines and spending time on making our orders. Paying with our smartphones has become easier than ever before.

3. Wider choice in payment opportunities

We are choosing digital money for paying for our goods more often now. Business owners adapt to this growing trend and provide us with new technologies which in its turn decrease the use of traditional cards and cash. Besides we can pay not only with our smartphones and tablets, but use modern digital watches and bracelets as well.

4. Bank Services on our Smartphones

No need to go to the bank. We may perform the same operations from our smartphones, be it  balance check, utility bills payment, or money transfer.

5. Individual approach and higher quality services

There’s a fierce competition between e-commerce apps, and we greatly benefit from that. Business owners should learn our expectations, as well as our experience as customers more carefully now. So far they have succeeded in analysing our location and search preferences, so we are offered more personalized goods and best suited places online.

6. Higher Service Standards

More and more retailers are switching to online services. While businesses providing services are trying to catch up. Those who manage to unite mobile payment options with higher service standards will in the end become front-runners in their niche. 

7. Safety and Personalization

We as customers receive more safety, as we don’t provide any credit card information to cashiers. We also benefit when loyalty programmes are linked to and gathered together in online payment apps on our smartphones. It’s very convenient for buyers, especially forgetful ones. Business owners win from that too, now they can send personalized and diversified offers directly to selected clients avoiding mass covering of all possible groups of audience.   

8. Customer-Supplier credibility

Modern businesses are confidently taking large steps toward incorporating mobile payments and building up infrastructure for that. When business owners help us simplify our money transactions and give more attention to our needs, we show more loyalty in return. Connection is enhanced.

9. Back to shopping malls

When more offline stores give green light to mobile payment options, more customers return to local stores. Having analyzed our location, smartphones select best options and direct us to the closest shopping mall.

10. Alert emergency

With all the benefits the new technologies bring, we are invited to make the most out of it. Along with that it’s the right time to be on the alert and control this ‘buy-with-one-click’ button. We are all addictive and it’s so easy to succumb the seduction, especially when there’s no stop sign.


Aug 25th, 2018