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Deliverski Payment System Integration

Payment processing system is very important thing for every retailer, because it facilitates quick and secure execution of customers’ payments. It handles transactions between merchant and customer and accomplishes the payment by relaying the payment information, like a credit card, from the customer to the merchant’s preferred bank account.


SaaS Payment Integration (NDA)

E-commerce solutions have transformed sales at retail and wholesale levels. Due to digitalization of most procedures, electronic systems saves companies money and effort. Reaching this demands implementing SaaS instruments for auto payment procession, speeding up payments and ensuring extension of service use. We understand this trends and provided our client with application, which consists all necessary solutions.


Formula Compounder

Compounded drugs are the only way to get healthy for some people. For example, for people with allergic to some components or if an elderly patient or a child can’t swallow a pill and needs a medicine in a liquid form that is not otherwise available. Otherwise, compounding offers great flexibility. So, doctors are not limited by the manufactured dose, but are able to prescribe the best solution for each patient.



Nowadays there are a lot of publish information in internet. But sometimes it’s not available in some countries. The same situation with access to some services or websites. To ensure privacy and security of the internet user we developed VPNStars - VPN service with fastest global internet network.


Multiphase Cloud

Every year a lot of companies continue to bear large losses due to pipe burstings. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the main problem is corrosion. It is usually caused by water, solids, and sludge accumulation in flowlines, oil, gas, and product pipelines. Internal corrosion in aging transportation infrastructure is an important issue that the deepwater industry will face in the coming years.