5 Steps to Efficient Value-based Healthcare

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What is value-based healthcare? How to ensure that you’ll have qualified and fair priced services? Read on! Value-based healthcare is a model in which providers – hospitals and physicians – аre paid based on patient health outcomes. Providers are rewarded for helping patients reduce the effects and incidence of chronic disease and improve their health. All [...]

5 technologies that will disrupt healthcare by 2020

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Technology is poised to shake up just about every aspect of healthcare from diagnosis to care delivery, from payment to purchase, from care providers to caregivers and, most importantly, care consumers. Within the next few years, we can expect significant improvements in consumer experience, cost of care, and health of populations as a result. The key [...]

Why you should use Big Data in medicine

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Health care may have gotten off to a slower start than some industries in taking full advantage of big data. But today, sophisticated sensors connected through the IoT are used on medical equipment and patients’ bodies, and in wearables like clothing, watches and glasses. Now many organizations in this data-rich industry are focused on using big [...]

How Big Data Improves Fintech Companies

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The financial sector has become one of the biggest consumers of big data in recent years. Big data is changing the industry in unprecedented ways. Experts say, 75% of financial service companiesused big data in 2018. Why is it so popular? We’ll tell you in this article. Allow make better actuarial decisions BigData makes highly consolidated [...]