5 technologies that will disrupt healthcare by 2020

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Technology is poised to shake up just about every aspect of healthcare from diagnosis to care delivery, from payment to purchase, from care providers to caregivers and, most importantly, care consumers. Within the next few years, we can expect significant improvements in consumer experience, cost of care, and health of populations as a result. The key [...]

How could blockchain be used in everyday life?

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Contracts, transactions, and the records of them are among the defining structures in our economic, legal, and political systems. They protect assets and set organizational boundaries. They govern interactions among nations, organizations, communities, and individuals. They guide managerial and social action. And yet these critical tools and the bureaucracies formed to manage them have not kept [...]

2018 eHealth Trends in Europe

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Digital is changing the world, and the healthcare industry is not an exception. Today we can receive a doctor’s consultation without leaving home, buy new medicines directly from our gadgets, get real-time text alerts that our blood pressure is too high, etc. The revolution we see now is not just about replacing people with machines. It [...]

Why enterprises need blockchain?

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Few years ago, one of the latest and greatest hype in IT was blockchain. And, as it’s always with new IT trends, it took a while to get from the hype into a real-life production environment. Nowadays, blockchain is the most popular topic in the market, and many companies are trying to understand which possibilities blockchain technology [...]

Blockchain in healthcare: why industry need it

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Healthcare Rallies for Blockchain found that 16% of surveyed healthcare executives had solid plans to implement a commercial blockchain solution in 2017, while 56% expected to by 2020. But why is it so popular? Let’s find out! What is a blockchain? In general a blockchain is defined as a distributed system which records and stores transaction [...]

Blochchain as the most secure technology for fintech

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Blockchain technology can reshape the way business works, especially in fintech industry. Its unique decentralized architecture, which records transactions on an immutable public ledger, offers solutions for many industry problems from retail banking to insurance and investment banking. The key benefits of blockchain technology is the distributed infrastructure’s ability to share information that is secure and [...]