Digitizing healthcare: what are the demands for new health techs?

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Although healthcare technologies will never replace direct communication between doctors and patients, they will enhance their relationships and make them stronger. The sooner they can identify a problem, the quicker they are able to access the right treatment. Digitizing healthcare is the answer to a fast-growing demand on global shift towards a patient-oriented medicine. Healthcare system [...]

Using augmented and virtual reality in medicine

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Information technology is slowly permeating to play a role in all spheres of life in order to improve and extend their possibilities. IT solutions can be used to optimize time-consuming tasks, helping users see what is missing in their current way of operating while also finding new, faster, more innovative ways to solve issues. Healthcare is [...]

10 ways mobile payments can change customer interactions

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We carry our smartphones wherever we go. We wake up, learn, hang out and go to sleep with them. Let’s face it, we eat, pray and love with our smartphones today. Any invention was primarily aimed at making people's lives easier and more comfortable. Smartphones ain’t an exception. We are contributors of goods and services on [...]

Open banking: challenge or opportunity

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The use of APIs by banks is becoming increasingly common as they help to drive speed and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional legacy systems. There is a great amount of banks which guarantee convenience and safeness to their customer. But nowadays people want to get the best, that’s why they try many other to compare with and [...]

Four keys for successful digital transformations in healthcare

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Technology is changing every industry in significant ways. Healthcare is not an exception. Nowadays this business implement everything from surgical robots to “smart hospitals” to revolutionize patient care in new and exciting ways. The digitization of products and processes, however, has dramatically changed the game for everyone. Consumers’ expectations about healthcare services are increasingly being formed [...]

Digital transformation in finance: why you can’t ignore it

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No matter what future you see ahead for your finance organization, one thing is sure — if you, as business leader, are going to success in the digital world, you need to process information more efficiently, and turn that information into deeper insights faster than ever. What means you should use for that - read [...]