How Increase Cash Flow and Patient Satisfaction with Technology

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No question about it, we are living in a digital era. Technology has improved and shaped nearly every facet of society and industry.  One of the biggest drives for improved technology in healthcare is the recent push towards more patient-centric care models. There are several steps that a healthcare provider can take to significantly increase the [...]

Artificial Intelligence as Tool for Reading the Mammogram

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The way we use mammograms is seriously flawed but AI could change that. Doctors could soon spend less time looking at mammograms, thanks to artificial intelligence. About 20% of mammograms result in a false-negative, meaning the doctor or technician doesn’t find cancer that was, in fact, there. Artificial intelligence is a ubiquitous term in health tech [...]

The Cure for Unhealthy Medical Knowledge Management

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Many of today’s healthcare organizations still show symptoms of underdeveloped knowledge management processes. We want to offer symptoms that suggest your information management process might be lacking and ways to fix them. Symptom #1 Healthcare and medical staff frequently use out of date or incorrect forms. This can be frustrating in any industry. Outdated documents can [...]

5 Steps to Efficient Value-based Healthcare

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What is value-based healthcare? How to ensure that you’ll have qualified and fair priced services? Read on! Value-based healthcare is a model in which providers – hospitals and physicians – аre paid based on patient health outcomes. Providers are rewarded for helping patients reduce the effects and incidence of chronic disease and improve their health. All [...]

Innovations in healthcare technologies

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Medicine of future becomes true. How AI, smart-devices and other modern technologies will improve the quality of healthcare? Medical researches always were considered as a prospective area of development. Every year ideas from IT find their implementation in medical care. However, the speed of integration of modern technologies is pretty slow. Poor data quality and interoperability, [...]

IT specialists in modern healthcare

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Inspiring sphere of improving lifesaving against everyday problems and risks. IT specialists in healthcare - who are they and what challenges are they facing? Where is a place for IT specialists in healthcare? Smart-devices related to the Internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered systems and a vast variety of other systems and applications find their [...]

Digitizing healthcare: what are the demands for new health techs?

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Although healthcare technologies will never replace direct communication between doctors and patients, they will enhance their relationships and make them stronger. The sooner they can identify a problem, the quicker they are able to access the right treatment. Digitizing healthcare is the answer to a fast-growing demand on global shift towards a patient-oriented medicine. Healthcare system [...]

Cybersecurity Threats in Healthcare

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Cybersecurity incidents are a growing threat to the healthcare industry in general and hospitals in particular. In 2015, the healthcare industry was the most attacked by cyber criminals according to a Cyber Security Intelligence Index by IBM. Data breaches have cost as much as $6.2 billion. Like any large company, a modern hospital has hundreds – [...]

Growing demand for AI in healthcare

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Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools into hospitals’ workflow has been relatively slow, although patients themselves are ready and eager to use new technologies. The most intriguing promise of AI in healthcare industry is an improvement of outcomes. Human physicians will not be replaced by machines in the future, but AI can definitely assist physicians to [...]

What you have to know about narrow networks and patient choice

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As rising healthcare costs eat into bottom lines, it’s increasingly difficult for employers to continue offering the same benefit plan offerings without making some trade-off. That’s why employers are increasingly turning to narrow networks — in which health plans, or other offering narrow network products, start by cutting out the most expensive or poorest performing providers. [...]