Using augmented and virtual reality in medicine

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Information technology is slowly permeating to play a role in all spheres of life in order to improve and extend their possibilities. IT solutions can be used to optimize time-consuming tasks, helping users see what is missing in their current way of operating while also finding new, faster, more innovative ways to solve issues. Healthcare is [...]

5 technologies that will disrupt healthcare by 2020

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Technology is poised to shake up just about every aspect of healthcare from diagnosis to care delivery, from payment to purchase, from care providers to caregivers and, most importantly, care consumers. Within the next few years, we can expect significant improvements in consumer experience, cost of care, and health of populations as a result. The key [...]

What you should know about Femtech in healthcare

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The market is flooded with products tailored to the needs of men: viagra, penis enlargement pills, fitness apps, and more. But a new sector dedicated to women is emerging. Femtech, or female technology, is tickling the curiosity of hungry venture capitalists who are beginning to sniff an opportunity like bloodhounds. Those who think of femtech as [...]

The Future of Nursing: What You Need to Know Today

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It’s an exciting time to be a part of the healthcare industry. With changes in care delivery, technological advances and increased patient expectations, the role of nurses as healthcare professionals is growing and evolving. This trend requires nurses to have the latest information at their disposal so they can effectively assess and treat their patients. While [...]

Technologies, that will change healthcare in the future

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Thanks to changing healthcare regulations, shifting payment models, and a proliferation of mobile and web applications connecting caregivers and patients, health care has become a hotbed for innovation. In particular, the use of mobile apps in health care has skyrocketed. A great number of people in the modern world are carrying smartphones or other mobile devices. [...]

How technology has changed healthcare

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Technology is considered to be the driving force behind improvements in healthcare and, when you look at the rate of change and recent innovations, many find it hard not to agree with that observation.Technology is impacting many aspects of our lives as breakthroughs in data collection, research and treatments allow medical providers to use new tools [...]

Four main steps towards customer centricity

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In most industries, it is an obvious cliché that consumer focus is critical. But within healthcare, this remains an emerging concept. The complexity of the services, payment structures, and even emotions involved in healthcare make “consumer-centric” an excellent but hard-to-achieve aspiration. So what does it mean to be consumer-centric in healthcare and how can organizations find [...]

Four keys for successful digital transformations in healthcare

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Technology is changing every industry in significant ways. Healthcare is not an exception. Nowadays this business implement everything from surgical robots to “smart hospitals” to revolutionize patient care in new and exciting ways. The digitization of products and processes, however, has dramatically changed the game for everyone. Consumers’ expectations about healthcare services are increasingly being formed [...]

Cybersecurity in healthcare: preventing risk factors

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The life sciences and health care (LSHC) industry, which is highly connected through thousands of participants with wide-ranging IT capabilities, is still in the early stages of addressing gaps in cybersecurity, as the Wannacry ransomware attack has shown. Data breaches and other types of modern, large-scale cyberattacks have been making headlines for more than a decade, [...]

How virtual reality is transforming health care&wellness

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Virtual reality has moved from science fiction to marketable consumer product very quickly, partly because the incorporation of the smartphone into the technology makes it accessible. But what about in healthcare? Could a technology primarily associated with gaming turn out to be a serious therapeutic tool? VR technology has begun to come into its own regarding [...]