Innovations in healthcare technologies

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Medicine of future becomes true. How AI, smart-devices and other modern technologies will improve the quality of healthcare? Medical researches always were considered as a prospective area of development. Every year ideas from IT find their implementation in medical care. However, the speed of integration of modern technologies is pretty slow. Poor data quality and interoperability, [...]

Technologies, that will change healthcare in the future

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Thanks to changing healthcare regulations, shifting payment models, and a proliferation of mobile and web applications connecting caregivers and patients, health care has become a hotbed for innovation. In particular, the use of mobile apps in health care has skyrocketed. A great number of people in the modern world are carrying smartphones or other mobile devices. [...]

Open banking: challenge or opportunity

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The use of APIs by banks is becoming increasingly common as they help to drive speed and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional legacy systems. There is a great amount of banks which guarantee convenience and safeness to their customer. But nowadays people want to get the best, that’s why they try many other to compare with and [...]

Main trends for the future of healthcare

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Consumers today are more demanding than ever before. Not only do they want to be in control, they want options tailored specifically to their needs. And in most arenas they get what they want: their shoes, fitness regimes, banking solutions and even their burgers are made just for them. But the health industry has lagged, until [...]

Services & Solutions for Digital Disruption

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In today’s world, by the time a technology has gained a foothold, it’s already fallen out of favour and is being replaced by something new. And now, as every company has to be a technology company and no company is too big to fail, keeping pace in the world of digital transformation requires radical technological changes. [...]