Innovations in healthcare technologies

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Medicine of future becomes true. How AI, smart-devices and other modern technologies will improve the quality of healthcare? Medical researches always were considered as a prospective area of development. Every year ideas from IT find their implementation in medical care. However, the speed of integration of modern technologies is pretty slow. Poor data quality and interoperability, [...]

Using augmented and virtual reality in medicine

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Information technology is slowly permeating to play a role in all spheres of life in order to improve and extend their possibilities. IT solutions can be used to optimize time-consuming tasks, helping users see what is missing in their current way of operating while also finding new, faster, more innovative ways to solve issues. Healthcare is [...]

How virtual reality is transforming health care&wellness

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Virtual reality has moved from science fiction to marketable consumer product very quickly, partly because the incorporation of the smartphone into the technology makes it accessible. But what about in healthcare? Could a technology primarily associated with gaming turn out to be a serious therapeutic tool? VR technology has begun to come into its own regarding [...]

Services & Solutions for Digital Disruption

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In today’s world, by the time a technology has gained a foothold, it’s already fallen out of favour and is being replaced by something new. And now, as every company has to be a technology company and no company is too big to fail, keeping pace in the world of digital transformation requires radical technological changes. [...]