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Blockchain is essentially a ledger comprised of time-ordered and time-stamped blocks of encrypted data. It has given birth to self-executing, self-enforcing by automatically verifying and executing contractual by conveying via trusted data feeds. Market leaders around the globe are actively adopting this technology to create new business models and outperform the competition. EaZySoft is strive to help you become one of them.

We help leading organisations from finance and banking industry successfully adopt blockchain solutions to transform the way they operate and deliver customer services and reduce back office costs.

What we suggest

  • Increased accuracy and reduced human error
  • Growth of efficiency and reducing the infrastructure costs  
  • Highest transparency and auditability
  • Reduced opportunity of fraud
  • Extencion the resilience to outages and attacks
  • Security enhancing  by using cryptography

What we do

Blockchain technology consulting

Our team of seasoned technologists and blockchain experts can help you quickly move from initial research and feasibility studies to proofs-of-concept to working prototypes, all the way to production systems. We provide a full suite of consulting services, including technology research, prototyping, development and operationalization. We actively partner with the leading players and consortia in the blockchain world and maintain expertise in the various flavors and permutations of DLT, including Hyperledger, Ethereum,, and others.

Smart contracts development and audit

Sometimes even unit testing and tools validation don’t guarantee the correctness of the code. Therefore you need audit from expert, who can review the code to determine existing any vulnerabilities, possibilities for future bugs or any errors that could expose users. Our experts can help you to confirm the quality and security of your smart contracts in a transparent, affordable way by using standards and protocols such as Solidified Verification Standard and Quantstamp.

Cryptocurrencies, wallets and exchanges

The surge in the popularity and market capitalization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is paving way for growing number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Our team of expert developers and cryptocurrency experts understand that a good bitcoin exchange platform requires integration of various payment methods, advanced reporting and high-security standards. We also develop multi cryptocurrency wallet for seamless and secure exchange of cryptocurrencies.