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The healthcare industry requires partners who understand how to achieve improved consumer experience and outcomes. In EaZySoft every project we deliver is based on the demands of the fast-evolving healthcare market. With our solutions you can launch your own health and wellness applications for mobile and desktop. Our applications assist you with analysing biosignals of your patients and and optimise patient care processes with automated flow and analysis of patient information.

What we suggest

  • Reduced clinical care costs with automated flow and analysis of patient information
  • More convenient and faster processing of patient’s information
  • Secure solutions that convert medical and consumer data into related insights
  • Patient engagement through human-centered design
  • Support modern healthcare workflows

What we do

Automate your processes

We will help you to facilitate time-consuming tasks by automating key steps of medical diagnostics. Our team can also provide operation and functionality for copounding in a pharmaceutical laboratory. It will enable you to care about your patients more quick and effective.

Manage medical data

We can help you organise patients’ information and all laboratory tests in one centralised storage. Additionally, our applications can automatically create a procedure report using one of the many professional templates. The finished product gives doctors easy to read report, which they can print or e-mail directly to a referring doctor or patient.

Secure all sensitive patient data

We will assist you in addressing security requirements to reduce any possible risks connected with data leakage or loss. Having organised your clinical data into digital databases, you can ensure your patients’ information is kept safe and secure.

HIPAA compliance

Patients need an assurance in security, availability of information and communication between them and medical professionals. We understand this and build our applications, using FDA and HIPAA guidelines, which allow us to keep solutions compliant, information safe, and secure.