E-commerce solutions have transformed sales at retail and wholesale levels. Due to digitalization of most procedures, electronic systems saves companies money and effort. Reaching this demands implementing SaaS instruments for auto payment procession, speeding up payments and ensuring extension of service use. We understand this trends and provided our client with application, which consists all necessary solutions.

The first stage of producing the application was development of a payment system. We had started from selecting the target audience and analysis of the most important for users parameters. Then we developed a Feature Map, which consisted of the full range of functions.

The next stage was to create the first version of the payment system. For reaching this we integrated all necessary parameters into the Stripe system, modeled and designed the interface. The last step was to install the additional payment management modules within the system.

As the consequence, we have got an e-commerce applications with big range of functions. It facilitated all payments from clients were received and processed in an auto mode. The client service was unloaded and focused on a new clients’ services and service usage automatically extended after the payment was received. It helped our client to reduce the operational costs of payment systems by 80% using our application.