Deliverski Payment System Integration

Payment processing system is very important thing for every retailer, because it facilitates quick and secure execution of customers’payments. It handles transactions between merchant and customer and accomplish es the payment by relaying the payment information, like a credit card, from the customer to the merchant’s preferred bank account. In EaZySoft we understand business needs, so we integrated payment processing system into website to help their clients perform transactions more efficient and prompt.

Choosing a payment processor is an important part of the user experience, and choosing the wrong option could negatively affect on client’s conversions. Therefore, we have made a lot of investigations, and as a result we have chosen Stripe. It is a customizable payment solution for online retailers. Stripe allows you to accept credit card, debit card and bitcoin payments from more than 130 different currencies.

Another good feature of Stripe is it’s flexibility. This payment processor was designed for developers who can then tinker with the company’s APIs to create the product that best suits their needs. So the next step in our work was to add all required parameters into Stripe system and customize the interface. After this we have installed the additional payment management modules within the system

As the result, we have got marketplace with integrated payment system in it. The client service was unloaded and focused on a new clients’ services and service usage automatically extended after the payment was received. It helps the customers of our client to pay money for renting the ski equipment easy and prompt. Although, the lessor can be sure about getting money for his service in time.