Is it possible to substitute a team of doctors just by using one app? We say yes. Introducing you “ScopEndo” – great solution for endoscopic clinics offices and hospitals, which provide endoscopic procedures. This application helps to organize data about patients, their procedures and materials.

So how does ScopEndo works? Firstly, user can save all information about patients on programs database. After that doctor can schedule their visits just by swiping of an insurance card. Than, while performing the procedure, doctor can capture images and videos directly from the endoscopy processor and put them into the patient’s card. Application support this function for processors of any brand or model. After collecting the materials, ScopEndo will help the user to compose a report. Doctor need just to pick the necessary lines to put them to the prescription. But user is also able to type some text or just to say it and app will write down everything in report.

ScopEndo is a great tool to help physicians organize their work properly. It’s very easy to use and intuitive enough. Furthermore, report templates are very customizable, so you can put there some prescriptions as well as pictures.