Every year a lot of companies continue to bear large losses due to pipe burstings. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the main problem is corrosion. It is usually caused by water, solids, and sludge accumulation in flowlines, oil, gas, and product pipelines. Internal corrosion in aging transportation infrastructure is an important issue that the deepwater industry will face in the coming years.

Using high resolution models of user’s hydrocarbon´s transportation systems implemented in Multiphase Cloud he can literally “watch” inside his pipelines to understand flow behavior. Customer can see how phases are distributed over the length of the pipelines and what flow configurations (patterns) occur at each pipeline location, and know what is the total volume of oil, free and emulsified water, solids or sludge in the system. Being a remote field or an offshore platform user can observe operation of pipeline transporting four-phase gas-oil-water-solids mixtures using a tablet PC. Detailed understanding the flow behavior can help our customer to provide uninterrupted transportation of produced fluids from the fields to his petroleum storage tanks.

Our product and service can help customer to develop corrosion prevention and control plans that take into account water and solids accumulation caused by production decline. Multiphase Cloud detects critical pipeline sections and provides other necessary information needed to ensure asset integrity. Furthermore, Multiphase Cloud detects where and when solids are accumulated in the pipeline. Using this information, user can develop effective solutions to manage these materials in the surface facilities.